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Photo Credit: Jessica Gunn

Mum. Writer. Over Thinker

Hello, and welcome. I'm the mum of an extremely fussy eating child.  

The truth is, I never expected to be here, parenting a fussy eating child, or now as the author of a book about it. I was going to be an architect, and then a teacher. When those didn't work out I decided to become a mum. Life was pretty great with my kids until it wasn't, mostly because I couldn't get my son to eat properly. When I couldn't find a book that even slightly matched my experience I also became a writer. Now I'm here and it's a rather nice surprise.

Some fun facts about me...I grew up in country Queensland, on a cattle property. I married my husband in our back yard, serenaded by a small herd of cows. I am an introvert, who can be tempted out of self-induced isolation with coffee and cake. I'm not trendy, or cool. I don't know what's hot and what's not. I will always choose comfort over fashion, substance over style. I like real people, with real stories.

When I'm not busy complaining about housework, avoiding the housework or, horror of horrors, actually doing my housework you can find me parenting my kids, running a children's playtime, leading a ladies bible study, having coffee with friends or pottering in my garden.

When my kids were little and life was hard, I invented a saying... Before I was a wife or a mother, I was a human being. I would say it again and again, to remind myself that it was true and to convince myself that the 'me' part hadn't been consumed by the 'wife and mum' part. It must have worked because here I am, being me, writing and stuff. Cool, right?

I'd love to hear your story. How did you end up checking out a website for fussy eaters? What's your journey been? I'd love for you to check out the longer version of my story too, in my book, Attack of the Killer Banana.